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CHEAP DIVORCE – by Wisconsin Pro Se Divorce Lawyer

How to obtain a cheap divorce – by Wisconsin Pro Se Divorce Lawyer Do you need to obtain a divorce and cannot afford to hire separate legal representation?  Our pro se divorce service might be the answer for you.  If you and your spouse agree on the terms of your divorce, but do not know where to begin, let us help you.  Our service is affordable, and easy to use.  Keep in mind, we cannot provide legal advice with this service,...
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GET OUT OF DEBT- by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

Get out of debt - by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney Right now, you may be experiencing financial difficulty.  Perhaps you find yourself struggling to pay your bills at the end of each and every month.  Maybe you’ve had a life-changing experience, such as a divorce, loss of job, or serious illness and now you're behind on the bills and there's no way you can catch-up.  Whatever the reason, we understand.  Our bankruptcy team at Ryczek Law has been helping individuals and families...
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Does Filing Bankruptcy Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License? by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

Does Filing Bankruptcy Reinstate a Suspended Driver's License?  by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney. The answer is YES.  If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your driver's license will be reinstated if it was suspended due to a judgment or other debt-related issue.  However, if your license is suspended due to a criminal violation, bankruptcy will not help reinstate it. If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin (West Bend, Menomonee Falls, Sussex, Lannon, Butler, Wauwatosa, Cedarburg, Germantown, Jackson, Richfield, Slinger, Hartford, Mequon,...
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Are Student Loans included in Bankruptcy? by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

Are student loans included in bankruptcy?  by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney I get this question frequently, as most of my clients owe some form of student loans.  The short answer is, no, federal and private student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy; and, you will likely need to repay this debt.  However, the following is an exception:
  • If you can establish "undue hardship," your student loans will be discharged.  However, "undue hardship" is a difficult standard to meet.  The Court, though a rather...
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Can I get a divorce in Wisconsin without a Lawyer? (Divorce in Wisconsin)

Can I get a divorce in Wisconsin without a Lawyer? by My Wisconsin Attorney Of course!  Obtaining a divorce in Wisconsin without legal representation is entirely possible.  However, this usually requires both you and your spouse to agree on ALL terms related to the divorce (including custody, placement and property division).  Even if you agree, you may still need help drafting the correct documents and guidence through the process itself - this is where we can help. If you are considering divorcing without...
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