Debt Solultions & Debt Relief (Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer)

Debt Solutions & Debt Relief by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer

How to STOP Garnishments, STOP Creditor Harassment, STOP Lawsuits, STOP Foreclosures and Eliminate Debt (credit card, personal loans, judgments, medical bills, utility bills, and payday loans).  

In Wisconsin, there are a few different ways to accomplish what I have noted above – Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, or Wisconsin Chapter 128.

Chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy.  It is designed to provide people with a way out from under the burden of debt they can no longer pay.  It is generally the quickest form of bankruptcy and allows individuals to eliminate most types of debt (with some exceptions).

Wisconsin Ch 128 is an alternative to bankruptcy.  Under this state-mandated program, you are allowed to repay debts over a 3-year period while stopping any garnishments, late fees or interest charges from your creditors. This option costs less than a traditional bankruptcy (about 1/4 of the attorney fees, and 1/10 th of the filing fee), but does not eliminate your debts. It is strictly a repayment plan. The many benefits to this option include:

  • Stop garnishments
  • Stop late fees
  • Stop interest charges
  • Stop creditor harassment
  • Any income level qualifies
  • Re-pay the debts YOU choose over a 3-year period

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