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Use your tax refund to file for bankruptcy! by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

Use your tax refund to file for bankruptcy!  by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney If you received a tax refund and are wondering if you can use that money to file for bankruptcy, the answer is, of course you can!  In fact, investing your tax refund to pay for your bankruptcy make perfect sense.  Paying a small fee to discharge $1000s in debt is a good way to utilize those tax refunds.  Call our office today to schedule your free consult. We represent Wisconsin’s...
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Does Filing Bankruptcy Reinstate a Suspended Driver’s License? by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

Does Filing Bankruptcy Reinstate a Suspended Driver's License?  by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney. The answer is YES.  If you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, your driver's license will be reinstated if it was suspended due to a judgment or other debt-related issue.  However, if your license is suspended due to a criminal violation, bankruptcy will not help reinstate it. If you live in Southeastern Wisconsin (West Bend, Menomonee Falls, Sussex, Lannon, Butler, Wauwatosa, Cedarburg, Germantown, Jackson, Richfield, Slinger, Hartford, Mequon,...
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Are Student Loans included in Bankruptcy? by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney

Are student loans included in bankruptcy?  by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney I get this question frequently, as most of my clients owe some form of student loans.  The short answer is, no, federal and private student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy; and, you will likely need to repay this debt.  However, the following is an exception:
  • If you can establish "undue hardship," your student loans will be discharged.  However, "undue hardship" is a difficult standard to meet.  The Court, though a rather...
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Collection Efforts on Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy (Wisconsin Bankruptcy Attorney)

Collection Efforts on Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy by My Wisconsin Attorney What happens when a creditor tries to collect on a debt that was discharged in bankruptcy?  If the debt that the creditor is attempting to collect was in fact discharged in bankruptcy, federal laws prohibit creditors from filing a lawsuit, sending you collection letters, calling you, withholding funds, or threatening to file a compliant against you.  If you have been subject to this type of harassment, don't hesitate to hire an attorney – in some...
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Debt Solultions & Debt Relief (Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer)

Debt Solutions & Debt Relief by Wisconsin Bankruptcy Lawyer How to STOP Garnishments, STOP Creditor Harassment, STOP Lawsuits, STOP Foreclosures and Eliminate Debt (credit card, personal loans, judgments, medical bills, utility bills, and payday loans).   In Wisconsin, there are a few different ways to accomplish what I have noted above - Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy, or Wisconsin Chapter 128. Chapter 7 is the most common form of bankruptcy.  It is designed to provide people with...
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