Pro Se Divorce

Pro se divorce is quickly becoming the method of choice when a couple decides to obtain a divorce. It is inexpensive and you have control over the outcome of your divorce. Ryczek Law offers a Pro Se Divorce Service for the flat fee of $400 (without minor children involved) and $650 (with minor children involved). Credit cards are accepted.

Pro se divorce litigation means you are representing yourself in your divorce case, without an attorney. The procedures that you must follow are the same if you are Pro Se, except you will be responsible for filling and filing out all the legal forms. Some of the factors that play a role in a person deciding on a Pro Se divorce are:

• Parties want to avoid the expense of hiring separate attorneys.
• The divorce is uncontested and the parties are able to divide their assets on their own.

Before you take on the job of representing yourself in your divorce case, consider the legal aspects, not only the emotional aspects of the divorce. If you are not able to keep the two separated, it is best to hire a divorce attorney. Issues such as dividing marital property, deciding child custody, negotiating maintenance and determining child support can have long-lasting, negative consequences if not handled properly. However, if you are able to reach an agreement on your own, you will likely be more satisfied with the outcome of your divorce.

Ryczek Law’s Pro Se Divorce Service will give you the information necessary to carry out your own divorce. We will walk you through the process and provide assistance in preparing the necessary paperwork.

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